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Help with the map!

I'm always looking for items to add to the map, and sometimes I learn of an item, but cannot find a photo showing the item in its original iteration. If you have information about any of the following, fill out the contact form and let me know. ​

  • It is said that one of the disc golf tees in Schenley Park is perched atop grandstand remains from the Schenley Park horse racing oval. I'm seeking more information about the tee as well as a photo of the grandstand. 

  • There is a stone outside the bottom of the back steps of Phipps Conservatory that was once inside the current Renaissance Hotel back when it was the Fulton Theater. I'm looking for a photo of this stone still in the floor of the theater lobby.

  • There is an iron fence on the Magee Hospital property that was part of the C.L. Magee estate known as The Maples. I'm seeking a photo of the fence around the estate prior to it being demolished. 

  • Or if you are aware of an artifact not on the map, please let me know via the contact form.


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